Jonathan DiLorenzo

About Me

I am currently a software engineer at Google using P4 to automatically validate switch behaviors. In December 2020, I received my PhD from the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University where I was advised by Nate Foster. I also collaborated extensively with Kathleen Fisher at Tufts University.

Work Interests

I am primarily interested in designing tooling that leverages programming languages to improve the jobs of professionals in diverse areas. Primarily other developers and computational scientists, but I expect that this focus mainly comes from the fact that I am a developer and I love science. Any interesting, useful tooling problem would likely tickle my fancy.

My work at Cornell was at the intersection of programming languages and file systems. Specifically, I worked on declarative domain-specific languages for efficiently managing concurrent filestores. I mainly worked on extending the Forest Project and on a transactional file system. Forest lies under the umbrella of the PADS Project.



You can reach me at jonathan near